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Many Thanks To Ian and Aspects Financial…

When I first wanted to move my pension I had no idea how to go about it but I received a personal recommendation for Aspects Financial and Ian Black in particular and it was the best piece of advice that I have had in a long time.

Knowing very little about the world of pensions, lump sums and tax implications meeting Ian was a god send. He explained in a simple but knowledgeable way all the pitfalls, legal requirements and long term aspects of moving my pension. From the very first Ian laid out in simple layman terms the minefield that is pension legislation. With regular meetings at my time and place of choosing he could not have been more helpful, breaking down very complicated legal terms into easy to understand and manageable steps that helped me to manage my pension the way I wanted.

Ian and Aspects Financial have been very professional but with a friendly, easy to understand approach that is still ongoing with regular updates and advice that I have found a great help to manage my pension and I have personally on several occasions recommended this great financial team to family and friends and no one has ever come back to me with anything other than praise for the way they have be treated by Aspects Financial.

Paul Ferguson

Ex Shorts employee and pension holder

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Thompson Clarke Interiors

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Judith Totten, Managing Director of Upstream Positive Working Capital

“I have had the pleasure of working with Steve and his team in Aspects Financial in several different scenarios . From reviewing and ultimately buying out and reinvesting my own institutional pension , to setting up and managing our Auto Enrolment scheme for the staff in Upstream through to various client introductions and advice within our own portfolio . In every given situation , Steve and his team have been knowledgeable , helpful and efficient . Nothing is a chore for them and no matter how many apparently silly questions we have , Steve is endlessly patient . The Aspects Financial experience is professional and seamless and I have been hugely impressed with their service and delivery . Above all the team approach business with a refreshing humour and warmth , often missing with other business relationships . I cannot compliment Aspects Financial highly enough and would not hesitate to recommend them to clients , colleagues and friends alike.”

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Chest Heart & Stroke

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Wallace & Co Accountants

Lagan Specialist Contracting

Lagan Construction Group Ltd

“Our experience of working with Aspects Financial has been first class with and the process of changing our advisers at a time when we were also introducing auto-enrolment was very smooth and seamless. Stephen did an excellent job when meeting with our current and new members and the feed back I received from my colleagues who attended the one to one meetings with him was very complimentary. I am very pleased with Aspects Financial in this regard, they provide us with a first class service that ensures our employees understand and appreciate the benefits we provide for them.”

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Brian McGinn, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Bryson Charitable Group

“Bryson have worked with Stephen and his team for several years now. I am very happy not only to commend their work at a corporate level but also the friendly yet professional and conscientious manner in which they have handled our employee benefits situation.I believe going forward they can continue to add benefit to our business while providing a very important service to our staff.”

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Brett Martin

Aspects Financial have worked with us for over 20 years providing their services in respect of pensions, life assurance and employee benefits advice. The services provided by them are of the highest quality, encompassed by dedication to customer care and excellent value for money. They have recently restructured our Group Personal Pension arrangements in advance of the changes to workplace schemes in a highly efficient manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending Aspects Financial to any company.

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Veterinary Surgeons Supply Co.

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Ccl industries

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Automated Intelligence

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TR Logistics Group

Colin E, client of Stephen Casey

“I recently thought it best to make some decisions about my final salary pension entitlement, as I was aware this is now something that could be worth looking into.  It was a big decision so I decided to contact Aspects Financial to help me through it. I was aware that once you transfer out of one of these schemes, it’s pretty much a point of no return so I wanted to make sure I gave myself the best chance of getting it right.

They spent time to thoroughly understand my financial position, past present and future and carefully pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of every relevant course of action, and how it may impact on me and my family both now and later in life. They provided a detailed report and one page summary which they communicated in language I could understand, putting me at ease that I understood exactly what I was getting into, what I might be walking away from, and taking my personal priorities into account.  This was only part of the process as I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis to review and amend things along the way in line with my changing life circumstances and also any circumstances beyond our control.

I am extremely pleased with the way the whole process was conducted, trust my advisers, and have a great understanding of what I have done and why I have done it, and am reassured that this is just the beginning of an ongoing working relationship”

Virginia G, client of Owen Armstrong

“I have used Aspects Financial (specifically Owen Armstrong) with regards to arranging my mortgage and life assurance. The quality of the customer service that they provide is excellent.  They take time to understand your individual needs, requirements and concerns which is then used as the basis for the options that are proposed. These are then discussed and reviewed with you which then enables you as the client to make a fully informed decision as to which product/ option you wish to go with. Once this decision has been made they then take every effort to ensure that they communicate with you regularly to ensure that you know how your application is progressing. It is because of this service that Owen provided that I will continue to use Aspects Financial Services in the future and have recommended them to my family and friends.”

Ruth M, client of Ian Black

“My husband and I were worried about getting a policy that included critical illness cover. We contacted Aspects Financial and were able to obtain a policy at a very fair price.  The policy cover was explained to us in terms that we could understand by a really friendly advisor who did not pressurise us in any way. I would highly recommend Aspects Financial Services and will definitely be using them again in the future.”

Karen G, mortgage customer of Owen Armstrong

“Owen thank you so much for all your hard work, time and many many phone calls getting Dave and I our first proper home. I appreciate you going above and beyond the “call of duty” phoning, faxing and chasing things up. Thanks again and we’ll see you again in just under two years.”