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Do you have any old pensions that you have lost track of? Believe me that is not such a strange question and it does happen. So much so that there is a free government service to help you. The likelihood is that during your working life you will have had several jobs and possibly a few home moves, so it is a possibility that you might have lost track of your old pension schemes. The pension tracing service are here to help at www.thepensionservice.gov.uk or call them on 0845 6002537.

On the website you will also find useful links to forecast how much state pension you are entitled to when you reach stage pension age and don’t forget to stay in touch with the DWP as the onus is on you to claim your state pension.

Did you know you can increase your state pension by deferring it slightly. From state retirement age each year you defer taking the benefits, you can boost your income by about 10%.

Don’t laugh but have you ever considered a pensions CV? Take the time to write down from your own CV if you accrued a pension with each employer, and if so what about contacting them for a forecast?

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