What Is An Independent Financial Adviser?


What is an Independent Financial Adviser?

Having always worked in the Financial Services Industry I sometimes fall into the trap that I assume people know what we do.

In summary, by gathering information from you, we take a snapshot of your personal or businesses financial position, taking into account your existing provision in terms of life assurance, savings, and pension benefits.

We discuss how they stack up against the amount of risk you are willing to take, any needs you may have ,which we help you identify, help you prioritise them, and recommend solutions from a wide range of financial products. We also explain what other products are available.

Because we’re independent we shop around all the product providers to identify the most suitable products, based not just on price but numerous other factors, including financial strength, contract features, investment pedigree, service, technology proposition, etc .

We then make recommendations, and if you agree to proceed if you are comfortable with them, we set them up for you, and then review them on a regular basis to ensure they continue to match your circumstances and are still the most appropriate solution from what is available to us

Hope that helps.

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We appreciate that you and your business have wide varying needs, not just within our areas of financial planning, so we are delighted to introduce our chosen business partners who we highly recommend in the areas of commercial insurance, commercial finance, and all matters legal.

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