Bringing Ethics into Investment


Ethically influenced purchasing decisions are now firmly established as part of everyday life.  The use of labels such as ‘fair trade’, ‘organic’, ‘ethically traded’, ‘recycled’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘low carbon emissions’ is on the increase, as both businesses and individuals recognise their benefits.

The recent financial crisis has added to this by putting the spotlight on previously low profile governance issues like executive pay and corporate taxation.  As a result consumers are increasingly well informed and making decisions about the issues that mean the most to them.  Similarly, companies are increasingly aware that they need to manage their reputations and consider all issues that may impact their future success. Some are ahead of public opinion, whereas others are well behind the curve in some, or many areas.

Ethical investment is part of this trend.  By offering funds that integrate ‘ethical’ issues into fund management decisions our clients have the opportunity to reflect their own lifestyles, values and interests through their investment decisions – and to, in effect, have a say in the kind of organisations their money is invested in.

Over the last 15 years, the range of ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable and responsible’ investment options available to investors has expanded and broadened significantly.  Ethical investors are not all the same, so Aspects Financial believes it is important to offer investment solutions that address the diverse needs of investors who are interested in areas such as these.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further and see how this may be incorporated in our recommendations for you.

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